Thursday, April 5, 2012

a craft collectors dream

I have been so swamped lately, I think my to-do list has learned how to reproduce while I'm sleeping. Not only do I have my normal housework, my responsibilities to my children and foster care, I am redecorating (very slowly), switching all our business stuff from ourhometoyours to yankeeburrowcreations, and taking new item pictures to update our listings.  Well, the other day Chuck's son brought me a truck full of crafting...stuff. It seems an older woman they know was moving into a nursing home and they were helping her clean her house. She graciously allowed them to have all her crafting supplies, which they brought to me. I love those kids!
In this pile of bags and boxes we found...
knitting and crochet projects started but not completed, the needles and instructions included,
needlework kits,
leather working supplies,
hoops, needles, floss, storage boxes,
yarn, yarn, and more yarn.
All this made me so delightfully giddy!!!!
Right now it's all just dumped in the middle of my studio, Chuck has graciously agreed to help me build racks and on one wall I am going to make cubbies for all the yarn.
But kitchen floor is sticky from spilled koolaid...
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