Thursday, April 26, 2012

what's new on the farm

I love stability and peace, but I also love when life changes...there is a sense of excitement with a touch of anxiety.  Only 30 days left to the school year, the pool is open, the garden is planted, and summer trips are being planned.  We've also had an increase of "pets" here.  3 weeks ago I shared with you the new chicks we purchased, and since then they have tripled in size.  We moved them from the heat box, to their pen and roost yesterday afternoon.
Then the temps started to drop last night (of course), so we went to check on them.  They were huddled on the ground outside of the roost box and heat lamp.  So Chuck climbed into the pen (wish I had a picture of that LOL) and chased them up into the box.  They kept coming out, so he locked them in till morning. :~D 
Then the other day our neighbor gave our children a bunny rabbit.  I ran over and asked what I did to make her dislike  But I have to admit, she is a cutie.  Very young and very small, so for now she lives in the house with us.  PeeWee is amazed at something smaller than him.
Right now, she fits in the palm of my hand.  She needs a name, and the kids cannot agree on a name.  So if you wouldn't mind, please take a moment to vote in our Rabbit Name Poll!
Now to close, here's another "little monster" that visited us the other day.
Owen as "the hulk"
Enjoy your day...I know I will.
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