Monday, May 14, 2012

the Best from the UK

I have a "best" friend over in England, and her name is Isobel.  She is just about the sweetest woman I have ever met, and she runs the cutest Etsy shop ever.  Isobel creates....I don't want to just call them stuffed animals, because they are much more than that...think Veveteen Rabbit.  Her creations are treasures for children to keep forever.

Take a close look at these Light Brown Plush Furry Baby Rabbits...I swear I can see their noses twitch.  Look at the cute backsides, heehee.  These are custom made, so you have a choice of a white belly, or a solid rabbit.  They look so soft....
Isobel lives with her husband in a hospital which has been renovated into apartments.  I love old buildings, and it's wonderful to reuse them instead of tearing them down.   Next I found Henry, the plush Daddy Hedgehog.  Man, I love that smile!  This is sure to chase away the bad dreams for any child (or adult).  He stands 8" tall, and is the head of a whole hedgehog family consisting of daddy, mommy, and baby.  So when you decide to purchase him, be sure to take the whole family, heehee.
Look who else has come to visit from Coldhamcuddlies....Barry the Beaver.  What a handsome fella, I crocheted a beaver for my great-grandson, but Barry is soooo much cuter. 
In getting to know Isobel, I discovered that she was born in Pakistan, back when it was part of British India.  Oh I bet she has wonderful stories to tell of her childhood.  Hopefully someday she will share them with us on her blog.  On her blog you will find artist features, and stories about her creations.  I love reading how she gives life to these wonderful cuddlies.  And lest I forget, Isobel is also a doctor....a favorite stuffed animal doctor.  She will lovingly restore your child's favorite friend, or even your own from your childhood.  So click on any of these links and go meet Isobel.  She loves making new friends, and tell her I sent you.

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