Saturday, May 12, 2012

my Friday Finds

No, not Etsy or Artfire, Zibbet or Handmadeartists.  Antiques!  Yesterday my hunny and I ran away from our responsibilities, hopped on our beautiful bike, and went antiquing.  Look what I found...
 I love baby items, and the wicker buggy caught my eye.  The price tag chased it away. lol. And how about this metal stroller? It folds up.  The original umbroller.

I love this printers chest.  At least I'm assuming it's for printers.  It stands about 5 ft tall....I can just imagine all my scrapbooking supplies tucked away so neatly!  That firetruck on the top is a reproduction, so it was way overpriced!

Growing up I remember seeing this at someone's house.  Probably a grandparent or something.  Anyway, I was young, and they turned it on....and I had nightmares for weeks.  These monkeys still give me the creeps.  Must be the eyes. hahahaha

You probably noticed all the bed pans in these photos, they seem to be everywhere now a days.  My mom had a porcelain one (I don't know why) and she would fuss at me when I tried to use it as a flower vase.  But I have to admit, this urinal bedpan would probably hold flowers better. YUCK!

Now this Fisher Price firetruck was my find of the day.  I have just recently (over the past few years) started collecting vintage Fisher Price.  The factory is not far from where I grew up, so all my kids had Fisher Price toys.  Man, when I think of all the money I tossed when I got rid of their old toys!  And now I'm buying them back?  Oh well,  here is the firetruck, at home with the rest of my "collection".  Which no one is allowed to touch, except Owen, of course. :~D

So, how do you spend your lesiure time?
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