Thursday, May 31, 2012

Tam's Jewelry at Handmade Artists

I am part of a blog ring on the Handmadeartist site and every week we bring to you one of the wonderful artists that has a shop on that site.  (To see ours, just click on the Home Decor tab at the top of our web page).  This blog ring is set up and monitored by Tammy Sultemeier.  Now I've just noticed that while everyone else is getting promoted, Tammy never sets herself up, so this week while they all blog about me :~D  I'm going to blog about Tammy!
Tammy makes beautiful jewelry.
Here we have some silver and black teardrop earrings.  They measure a full 3 3/4" long so they sweep your shoulders (unless you have a very long neck).  While the black teardrop beads and the silver teardrop hoops looks so elegant, the black chains give a great edge to this look.  And you know us biker chicks like our edge. LOL.  That's ride, Tammy rides a motorcycle, just like me.  And just like me, she rides sitting behind her husband letting him do all the work while we just take in the scenery.
In addition to earrings, Tammy designs unique necklaces, bracelets, and rings.  I can see this Triple Strand Gunmetal Black Necklace with the above earrings.  
 And as a lover of turquoise, and anything remotely Native American, so this OOAK Turquoise and silver bracelet is a must have for me.  So you better get it before I do...
If you're the kind of person whose accessories must match, Tammy creates sets.  I was drawn to this Baby Blue Pearl and Silver necklace and earrings set.  I find it so very feminine and delicate.  Yes, us biker chicks do have our softer sides. hahaha.  In her profile, Tammy states that she loves custom orders, so if you see a piece you like but want it as a set, or in a different color or length, so would be happy to please you.  Tammy is a very busy girl, not only does she have her shop on Handmadeartists, but she also has one on Etsy, Artfire, and Zibbet.  So click on these links and go see all that Tammy has to offer.
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