Thursday, June 28, 2012

It's Yankee Burrow Storytime - Remembering

full moon rising
Despite the late hour, I could not sleep.  So here I sit, on the front deck of the cabin and watch the reflection of the full moon sparkle on the water as it peeks through the clouds.  And I remember....
I don't want to remember, it hurts to remember, but still I remember...

I remember a time when I was happy, and my life was good.  A loving husband, a warm home, and a new baby, everything I was always told would make me feel complete.  And they were right, I was complete, and completely happy.
family wall art
I close my eyes, and the memories rush in.  There was a time, a long time ago, my mother would wait for me to get home from school.  Always interested in my day, always asking questions about my classes and my friends.  As a teen, I pitied her.  I thought, how sad, to not have your own life, but to be stuck at home, day after day, trying to find happiness through your children.  In all my 16 years of wisdom, I tried telling Mom that she needed to get a job, a career, a life.  Mom would just smile, pat my cheek, and tell me that loving and caring for me and my Dad was her career, one that she would never trade for anything the world had to offer her.

navy wedding cake topper

And then it me.  I first saw him on the campus of Stallings University.  He was all decked out in his navy uniform, handing out flyers for the local Navy Recruiting Office.  There is just something about a man in uniform.  He offered me a flyer, our eyes met and our fingers touched, my heart didn't stand a chance.  He asked me out for coffee, my mind screamed "", but my heart just smiled and I agreed.  Coffee led to dinner, which led to weekends, which led to marriage.  Now I understood my mother, her smile, her contentment.  Then he was called to active duty.

I sigh, and shake myself.  Rising from the deck chair, I head back to bed, hoping, praying, for the dreams to stop.....

To be Thursday at the Yankee Burrow Storytime. 
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