Tuesday, June 5, 2012

a new craft

A couple of years ago, I was at a civil war re-enactment with Hannah when I saw a woman weaving on a small(ish) table top loom, and was instantly bitten by the "I gotta try this" bug.  So I went home, did some research, and got Chuck to build me a loom.  Then it sat for the next 2 years.  Now don't yell at me...I didn't mean for it to sit for 2 years.  It's just that life kept going on until the other night I determined to weave, no matter what.  It took me a few hours to load the yarn on the loom.  Mostly because I did not read the directions fully, and had to unload and reload several times, lol.  Then the yarn I was using, well, it turned out that I only had 1 ball of that color and it wasn't enough.  So yesterday I took a trip to my local store.  And they did not have the same color yarn as what I already had on the loom.  But they did have this totally awesomely bright pink/yellow/orange.  So last night I spend another hour taking off the old yarn, and putting on the new yarn.
The picture is from my cell phone because it was late and my camera was in the studio and it was dark outside. heehee.  Plus I was so excited to start that I had even forgotten to take pictures of the loom before I started this process.
Here is the start of my weaving adventure.  This will be a belt for our Etsy shop.  Oh the ideas floating around my head....I even told Chuck that I'm going to need a bigger loom for placemats and stuff. hahaha.  Check out these great handmade loom weaving items. 
Click on the links to see them upclose.
On the left is an authentic, from Jerusalem, hand woven prayer shawl.  You can find this and several others at Weaving Creation on Zibbet.
On the right is a handwoven silver / blue / green scarf from Loom on the Lake on Etsy.

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