Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the colors of nature

Last night, after dinner, we went to Lowes for a potato fork so we can harvest the pitiful potatoes from our garden.  (The 3 digit heat this summer is not doing our veggies any good).  While there I got distracted, easily distracted, in their gardening section.  Look what I found!
It's a hibiscus...and I just fell in love with the I just need the find the perfect spot.  After taking this picture I decided to stroll thru my yard and check out my other flowers.
Some crepe myrtle, blooming a little early due to the heat...

My day lilies...the bright orange ones came from our neighbor, and the peach ones we planted last year.
My roses are feeling the heat...badly.  It's so hot, I haven't even had too much trouble with the beetles, lol  Out of my 13 bushes...I only have 2 flowers, but they are bright and happy flowers.
 Chuck "found" this bakers rack top, and so he attached it to the side of his work shop.  A great place to add some color with flowers.  Trying to find high heat and low water plants limits your choices, but I love my sunny cactus, and zinnias are another favorite or mine, and of my butterflies.
The only plants thriving in this heat are the weeds...the ground along the road by my mailbox was just cut last week by the county.  And this grew to about 3 feet high in just that week.  But the cool thing about this weed is the top....
covered with tiny yellow flowers.  The beauty of nature!
So, how does your garden grow this super heated summer?
Be blessed,

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