Monday, July 16, 2012

Yankee Burrow Storytime - Remembering #3

Ok, I know I'm a few days late...but I've been up to my ears with tomatoes, cucumbers, canning, and pickling.  But I'm not complaining...they will taste great during the winter. 
So, today I present to you installment #3 of "Remembering", a new feature here at Yankee Burrow Creations. You can find #1and #2 here or at the above tab, "Yankee Burrow Storytime".
The morning traffic was horrible.  It's hard enough to make the long drive from our cabin to the city...but then I ran into a delay due to construction.
Autumn Under Construction
I hate sitting still, sitting still opens the floodgates of our past, memories I don't want to remember....
The Navy Chaplain takes my hand and eases me onto the sofa.  My other hand cradles the new life Al and I created.  Our little one is due any time now, and Al was just weeks away from the end of his enlistment.  And now...
But then I'm told, Al is one of the lucky ones.  Despite the direct hit, he was lucky.  His injuries are minor and he's coming home!
vintage am radio
I blink my eyes, and come back from the past.  The hospital is in front of me.  I find a parking spot easily, but I take my time entering.  For 10 years after coming home from the war, Al and I had the perfect life, but then things changed, he changed.  So today, like every day for the last 2 years, I enter his room,  and try to reach him.  I turn on the radio to the golden oldies station, tuck the lap blanket around his legs, and start talking.  The doctors tell me that the stories of our past are good, and can help him.  But they don't help me,  every day I feel more and more alone.  Still, I tell them to him, on the chance, the hope, that my prayers will be answered and
vicki handmade doll
today he'll respond.  I pick up the doll from the nightstand and hold it close to me and begin.  "Al, remember the day you came home from the war?  A cane and some bandages were the only evidence of your injuries.  You came towards me then stopped when you saw my condition.  You had just received the letter I sent to you months ago.  Gently you hugged me, and almost reverently you touched my belly.  You couldn't believe that you were here, in time for the birth.  And just in time too, my water broke in the taxicab on our way home.  So a quick detour to the hospital, and then...there she was.  Alyse.  Little Al.  Soft, fine blond hair, cute button nose, and all her toes and fingers.  Remember? You must have counted them a hundred times.  That was such a wonderful day."
Oh we were happy...despite the flashbacks...we were happy.  I lean back in the chair and close my eyes and let my tears wash away the years.
To be Thursday at the Yankee Burrow Storytime.
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