Friday, July 20, 2012

Yankee Burrow Storytime - Remembering #4

Today I present to you installment #4 of "Remembering", a new feature here at Yankee Burrow Creations. You can find #1, #2, and #3 here or at the above tab, "Yankee Burrow Storytime".

I inched closer to the bed, it's been so long since we touched.  I missed the feel of his skin, the way his fingers would curl around mine when he held my hand.  So I put down the side of his bed, and sat next
honeysuckle shea butter
to him.  I picked up the body lotion from the night stand, picked up his arm, placed it over my lap, and started to rub in the lotion.  Up and down, I rubbed and rubbed.  After some time I noticed that my tears were mixing in with the lotion.  I have to stop....I have to pull myself away from this pit.  Getting up from the bed, I walk to the window and watch the people and the cars moving about, people with lives.  And family.  I look back at Al and I feel something that I haven't felt in a while.
Excitement.  Hope.  Love.
I have is THE DAY.  Al will wake up, and he will remember.  He will remember the good days and not the bad.  He will remember our life and not the war.  The doctors told me that there is no reason for Al's health.  But the PTSD and the flashbacks have caused him to draw into himself more and more as the years passed.  Every loud noise, every story on the news, every time he heard that another serviceman had died, and then the protests, complete strangers calling our service men murderers.  It was just too hard for him.  So he went away.  But all that is behind us now.
beaded cell phone case
I grab my purse and pull out my cell phone.  A few phone calls, and the rest of my week is work free.  Then a call to my mother.  She has been my rock and my support all these years, helping me raise our daughter.  It was hard for her after my dad died, but Alyse gave her purpose again.  And Alyse will do that for her dad.  Today, Alyse's 10th birthday, we will celebrate it here.  With Al.  After a few more phone calls, and a quick discussion with the nursing staff, I give Al a kiss on the cheek and promise him that I'll be back.  Soon.  And so will he....

To be Thursday at the
 Yankee Burrow Storytime.
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