Sunday, August 5, 2012

HAF artist spotlight....Thunder Rose

There is a really cool shop at with some really cool items in it.  It's the shop of Thunder Rose Leather.
Debbie and John are the artists behind the really cool items, and they are having a sale right now.  20% off at checkout with the coupon code THUNDERROSE.  Here's just a few of their amazing items.
Isn't this Black Fringed Tote Beaded Leather Bag wonderful? This would look great with my leather chaps and jacket when I'm on the road with Chuck.  It measures 14" x 14" x 4" with a divider inside, lots of room for all the essentials.  And for us women, we have a lot of essentials.  :~)     Everything at Thunder Rose is custom made to order, so if you would like the strap shorter, or perhaps a different color leather or beads, Debbie and John would be more than happy to try and meet your every need.  And because each piece is custom, remember that there is a 3 - 4 week lead time, from the time of your order to shipping.  But all good things are worth the wait.  Plus Debbie and John have been creating beautiful leather items for over 20 years, so the craftsmanship is superb. 
Here is a smaller bag, a Beaded Drawstring Medicine Bag.  This bag measures only 4" x 3", perfect for your small essentials, like jewelry.  It could also be used as that unique gift bag.  It's made of soft elk skin with teeny tiny seed beads for decoration.  Because they use natural hides, you should expect variances in each piece they make, due to blemishes and scars the animals may acquire during their lifetime.  And that is the absolute beauty of working with nature.  Debbie and John live and work in Arizona, so they are surrounded by the Southwest.  Which is good for those of us that love and enjoy the Southwest but don't live there.  My Chuck has Indian blood running through his veins, and we both really love the cowboys and indians decor in our home.
Check out these adorable Beaded Baby Moccasins.  They are made of soft elk skin and sized to fit from infant to 6 months.  They measure a scant 4" from toe to heel, and I can't imagine attaching beads to something that small.  So, if like me, you enjoy the feel of soft leather and the look of the Southwest, hurry on over the to shop of Thunder Rose Leather and take advantage of their 20% off sale.  You can also find Debbie and John here...                                  WEBSITE / HA SHOP / ETSY / BLOG / FACEBOOK
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