Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 10 day you challenge!

There is a challenge going on over at BlogLoveTherapy.  BlogLoveTherapy is a great place for bloggers to get together for support and fun.  So here is what is going on this week...

Here are my 10 secrets...
1.) I have a shoe obsession.  Of course if you have ever seen my closet, you already know this secret.  BUT I have found that as I get older, my shoes have become more sparkly and with higher heels.  Which hubby is not crazy about because now I am taller then him. lol
2.)  I dream of being an author.  I have dreamed about this since high school.  So to make my dream a reality (hopefully) I started writing short stories on my blog here, and last night Amanda shared with me a link to Amazon's National Novel Writing Month
3.)  I love to read, and I do my most reading in my bathroom, with the door locked. (yes, I have kids).
4.)  I dislike cooking.  But I do like to bake.  And I hate to clean up after both.
5.)  My blonde hair comes from a bottle.  My blondness comes naturally.
6.)  I am not afraid of snakes, but spiders make me scream and run.
7.)  Despite growing up in snowy Buffalo NY, I can neither skate nor ski.
8.)  I do not wish to learn to skate or ski.
9.)  I have imaginary conversations with myself.  Sometimes I find myself having them out loud, and when I get caught, I pretend I have one of those bluetooth phones.
9.)  I wear a size 16, but I feel like a size 6.
10.)  I am naturally extroverted, so thinking up 10 secrets was very difficult. it's your turn.  Blog about your 10 secrets, and then link it up at BlogLoveTherapy.
Be blessed,
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