Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Power of Love - Chapter 4

Welcome back to YankeeBurrowCreations Storytime. Grab a drink, pull up a chair, and let's see where my imagination takes us today. When you're done reading, click on the picture links to see what cool handmade items I found to accompany my story, that are also available for purchase.
The Power of Love - Chapter 4
"We are approaching our destination. Please return to your seats, and return you seats to their upright position."  I look at the flight attendant as she starts her speech, and then I look at my hands.  They are shaking.  I put on my seat belt, then squeeze my hands together, and pray.

Hand Quilted Wall Hanging
That's when my Father reminds me of the last vacation Hope and I took together.  Just the two of us.  We decided at the last minute to hop into the car and drive to the beach.  It was her 16th birthday weekend, and she wanted to spend it with me.  I smile when I remember my husbands face when we told him it was just an all girls trip.  First he was sad at being alone, but then the realization that he would be free for 3 days brought a big smile to his face.  It took Hope and I days to get the house back in order after we got home.  But that trip was worth it.  3 days of giggling, eating, sunbathing, shopping, and talking.  That was my favorite time.  At the end of the day we would grab a soda and sit on the deck of our hotel room and share our feelings, and our dreams of the future.  But despite the comfort we were finding in our relationship, Hope was still holding something back.  That last night there, she timidly asked me about her birth mother.  I was stunned.  I never expected that, and didn't quite know what to say, or even how I felt about the question.  It was THE question I had always dreaded, and feared.  And like a coward, I just changed the subject.  Hope never asked me that question again.
Vintage 1970's luggage
I feel the bump as the planes touches down.  I stay in my seat as I watch as the other passengers start to unbuckle.  I sit as everyone grabs their luggage from the overhead carry on compartments.  I sit and watch as the flight attendants assist the other passengers out the door.  Finally, I am the only one still on the plane, frozen in my seat.  Deep down I know why Hope left home.  And I know why she has now asked me to come to this far away city.  And I feel the fear deep inside me.  Then I feel something else.  Peace.  Deep inside me.  And an all consuming desire to see, and hug, my daughter.  So this time I will not be a coward.  I take a deep breath, stand up and grab my bag, and walk off the plane.  I walk down the long hallways, lost in the crowds of rushing people.  As I turn the corner I see her and stop.  She is sitting next to a woman that I did not know.  Yet I did know.  How will she react to me?  How will I react to her?  Then my eyes are drawn like a magnet back to Hope.  She is beautiful.  She finds me in the crowd, and before I know it, she is standing before me.  Smiling.  Laughing.  And  And deep down I know, I am still, and always will be, her mother.
 Thank you for joining me on this journey. And remember, every item I have shared as part of my story is available for purchase, just click on the links below the pictures. And come back next week as we talk to Hope again.
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