Tuesday, October 23, 2012

fall flowers

Someone forgot to tell these flowers that summer is over and I am no longer gardening.

I found this lonely little petunia in my pot pile.  Just when you think something is dead...and has been dead all summer...well, there she is! lol  And these dainty white flowers were growing over by our fire pit...amongst a pile of dead twigs waiting to be burned.  Yes, I have many piles in our yard, and just for fun, I'll make the kids move them around every now and then.  :0)  A few summers ago, we had a pile of rocks for our garden pond, and a foster son who had anger issues.  So every time he trashed our house or got into a fight, he had to move the pile of rocks.  It was a looooong summer, but by the end of it, he had not only learned to control his outbursts (anger is ok, hitting is not) but he had some great biceps too.
Up by my studio is my new, and still growing, hibiscus.  We planted one on each side of the steps.  I just love the bright orange and yellow of the HUGH blooms.  I got this mandavilla to cover our not needed satellite dish.  I thought all mandavilla's were vines, but I bought a bush.  Oh well, the flowers are a pretty red with white stripes.  It's so nice to still be able to go outside and enjoy the remnants of my summer.  I pray everyone enjoys theirs.  And stop looking at the weeds! heehee
Be blessed,
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