Monday, October 22, 2012

the 10 day (week) you challenge - week 7 wants

I joined this challenge over at BlogLoveTherapy, and it's been a lot of fun to share things about me, and to learn things about the blog writers I enjoy.  This week I have to share 7 wants...quite a challenge for keep it down to only 7, lol.
1)  world peace...I know, that makes me sound like a beauty contestant wannabe, but I'm serious.  I pray every day for the safety and peace of Israel...and because I have family members I love, and am super proud of, in the military, world peace would mean they could all just stay home.
2)  Chuck's health...I want him to be pain free so he could spend everyday up and about and enjoying life, with me, and with our children.
3) I want an unlimited, and always free, gas card.  We love to travel and have family all up and down the east coast, and would see them more often, if gas prices weren't so high.  Hmmm, maybe I should just want free gas for everyone.
4)  I would LOVE a magic closet in my art studio, so whenever I wanted some new beads, yarn, or paint, all I have to do is enter my closet, and bam...there it is. hahaha.  But since that will never happen, I want YankeeBurrowCreations to blossom...more sales = more $ = more beads, yarn, and paint.  I would love to make money doing what I love, and hopefully others would love what I do and buy (and better yet, enjoy) what we create.
5)  I want our son's Brandon's brain to be healed so he can come home...for good.
6)  I want, no NEED, for chocolate to have 0 calories.
7) and finally, I want for all my readers, and web buddies, to have their needs met, everyday.
Ok, now it's your turn.  Post your 7 needs, then come back here and link up your blog post.  And don't forget to also go to BlogLoveTherapy and link up your blog post there also.  Then invite your friends, because the more the merrier, and someday, all our needs will be met.
Be blessed,
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