Monday, November 5, 2012

my 10 day (week) YOU challenge - week 5 - foods

As many of you already know, I am participating in the 10 day you challenge from BlogLoveTherapy.   And this week we are sharing our 5 foods...
1)  Ok, hmmm, let me think about this...can you guess?
nuff said.
2)  Pizza.  Seriously, I could eat pizza everyday.  But not just any type of pizza, it has to be hand tossed (thick crust) and don't try and slip any veggies or funny fish onto my pizza.  No sirree...just crust, sauce (sweet), cheese (lots), and meat!  Pizza Huts meat lovers!  I also enjoy Hawaiian pizza...ham, pineapples, yum yum.  Our local pizza parlor makes great Hawaiian pizza.  Plus, there is a pizza franchise around us where you can eat all you want for only $5.00.  "Welcome to CiCi's"!!  And they have a pizza made with Bavarian cream.  Yes, dessert pizza.  The person who invented dessert pizza should win the Nobel Peace Prize!
3)  Chicken.  I love chicken.  Grilled.  Sweet n sour.  Roasted.  Fried.  But I will not eat any of MY chickens.  There's something about eating an animal I have named and carried around my yard. lol.  Once we were eating at our local Golden Corral, and they have a chocolate fountain.  I was telling my kids how everything tastes great dipped in chocolate, so one of the girls decided to try it on her chicken.  Well, I was wrong.  Chocolate covered fried chicken? ummm, not so good. :0)
4)  Pumpkin.  This is a big reason why I love the fall.  It's only in the fall that I can get the pumpkin bread from Bob Evans.  Or the Pumpkin Spice creamer from Coffee Mate.  But since I've started canning pumpkin, I can enjoy pumpkin bars, pumpkin bread, pumpkin whoopie pies, all year long.
5) And finally, as you can probably tell from the links in this post, I love food that I don't have to cook myself! 
If you haven't already, try this challenge for yourself, it's lots of fun.  And if you click on the top link for BlogLoveTherapy, you can see all the other great bloggers participating in this challenge.
If you would like to just share your general blog, or find other cool blogs to follow, click here for BlogLoveTherapy's weekly blog hop.
Until tomorrow....
Be blessed,
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