Friday, November 23, 2012

time to shop for Owen, and little kids everywhere

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving yesterday...we did here at our house.  LB is back home from the hospital, Amanda and crew came for dinner, and we also had our good friends Woody and Mary and their kids here for dinner.  A total of 13 people, and only 6 were above voting age, lol, so that gives me my idea for today's feature.  Children's gifts!   I don't do black Friday, partly because I used to work retail and partly because I just don't understand why people would prefer to shop in a mob then stay home and visit with loved ones.  I also have a thing against shopping in those big chain stores full of cheaply made imported items.  Must be the handmade artist in me. :0)
So let's go shopping!

We'll start at HandmadeArtists, where I found this way cool, and cute personalized Rapunzel bottle cap pendant.  Perfect for the pre-teen who still has a lot of little girl in her.  This multicolor toy pop up tent brings back great memories of when my mom created this for all the grandsons...for their wait, "action figures". lol.  
This wooden Car carrier Tuff truck would be great for your pre-schooler.  The large size and rounded edges would be easy to handle for little fingers.  And these little green elf boots are simply adorable...hmmm, I wonder if I can get them in my size?  And now, let's go see what's new for kids at Etsy
Aren't these boutique Leopard Baby Booties the bomb???  Amanda....I need another granddaughter....or about a great-granddaughter?  Owen might just keep his hat on if we got him this crochet Spiderman hat...he loves his superheros but he's not too crazy about wearing hats.  I just had a thought, I bet even his father would wear a hat like this!
I am a collector of vintage Fisher Price toys...oh to still have the toys from when my kids were little...I lost so many in all our moves and with the kids just getting older.  Now I spend money to get back those memories.  This Fisher Price Western Town is one toy my kids never had before.  And yes, Owen is allowed to play with all my vintage toys. hahaha.  And lastly, I love this Little House on the Prairie Doll House.  Even if your little girl has never heard of that show...this doll house is great, and you can find furniture and dolls in the same shop.
That's it for me today....lot's of work to do, but I enjoyed shopping with you today.  Just click on any of the links of your favorite items, and give handmade this Christmas season.
Be blessed,
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