Thursday, January 24, 2013

art from "The Master's Hand"

Every 4th Saturday in September my family and I walk the streets of Hiddenite to check out the talent at the Hiddenite Festival of the Arts.   And on this dreary cold day I thought I would share with you an amazing artist I met there last year, Carolyn Valcourt of "The Master's Hand".   Her graphite/pencil drawings are amazing, such beauty and detail.  Most of her pictures were of horses, but she also draws farm animals, zoo animals, and our family pets.  And like I said the detail is amazing.  This was the last stand I passed on my way out of the festival...I was hot and tired and just wanted to get home, BUT...

...this one of the team all harnessed up and ready to work stopped me in my tracks.  So much so that I didn't even tell the kids, they kept walking until they noticed I was missing, and had to backtrack to find me, LOL.  This artist and her work deserved my undivided attention.  And there was so much to look at...Carolyn graciously gave me a few minutes of her time, and had to point out that these were actually prints of her original, which made them extremely affordable for everyone.  The printer did such a good job, at first I did not even realize they were prints.
Now I have to tell you that the thing that most impressed me about Carolyn was her love for Jesus Christ, and her desire to share His free gift of salvation with everyone she meets, hence the name "The Master's Hand".  When I asked for her business card, right on it is stated "to God be the Glory", and it was attached to a piece of paper that told a little bit of her testimony (how she came to Christ) and how we all can know of God's love for us and have our lives transformed.  I was humbled by her gentle presence, she did not thump you with her bible warning you of hell, she just handed out her cards with a warm and genuine smile.
This last picture was my favorite...a Vanner Gypsy Horse...I want one so bad, but I would have to win the lottery first, LOL.  It was while I was drooling over this picture and bemoaning my empty purse when Carolyn gave me her card.  And that reminded me that I am rich beyond measure, thanks to my Father in Heaven.  How about you?
Be blessed,
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