Saturday, January 5, 2013

Family...the best part of Christmas

Actually, the BEST best part of Christmas is God's gift to us, free salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Then comes family...which is also His blessing to us.  And this year my boys came to stay for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving.  But I'll take a visit from them anytime. :0)

Left - Owen, dil Kristen, Amanda, my son Greg, Amanda's hubby Brandon, and my hubby Chuck.  This was at our Christmas service, and they came to hear me sing.  That is a video I will not be sharing, I was just getting over the crud and my voice kept cracking. Ugh, lol.  We gave Hannah a sewing machine, hoping to spark not just her creativity, but a passion.  I have taught (tried) her to crochet, embroider, friendship bracelets, weave, paint, but she just can't seem to find a craft she will stick maybe designing her own outfits???
Amanda hosted the dinner in her new home this year, and she did a wonderful job.  Amanda is an amazing cook, nothing from a box, not even her crescent rolls.  And it all tasted soooo good.  My contribution was veggies (yes, I open the bags of frozen haha) and White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake (not from a box).
 These are "my girls".  My daughter in law Kristen (Greg) and my sooner or later daughter in law to be Tara (Josh).  That's a long story, almost as long as their relationship, lol.  But this trip Josh asked Tara's dad for her hand, and he said yes, so now we're just waiting for Josh to actually ask Tara. :0)  He is really an old-fashioned gentleman. <3 . And this is my baby boy Joshua.  Due to no fault of his own, he lost all his artwork from my mother, so I took the stipple rose that she gave me years ago, and gave it to him.  Needless to say, we both shed some tears.

As you can see, Owen made out like a bandit!!  On Christmas Eve some of us did a little more shopping, and my last impulse gift for him was this Hot Wheels scooter.  Amanda, there goes your hardwood floors...sorry. lol
I pray everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and take some time to enjoy family!
Be blessed,
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