Friday, February 1, 2013

HAF artists feature - The Alchemist Vessel

Do you like chainmaille, sterling-silver, and semi-precious gemstone jewelry?  Then you must visit my friend Alixandra and her shop, The Alchemist's Vessel
Isn't she purty?  Definitely someone I would love to just hang out with, and we would probably get kicked out of a few places if we ever did get to hang out together. LOL.  One of the best things about the site is they way some artists just get involved, and you really get to know the artist behind the shops...and Alix is one that gets involved.  You'll see her there everyday on one discussion thread or another thread, sharing tips, giving support, and just having fun sharing her life.  Now look at these...
I love the name she gave to this ring..."two ringy dingy".  She used 20g silver plated jump rings woven together to create this pattern reminiscent of fishbone braiding.  This is like her "one ringy dingy" ring, but with more rings for a denser look.  I like it!  Alix tries to bring a sense of whimsy and femininity to her pieces, and is self-taught in her medium of jewelry design, specifically chainmaille.  I think that making a piece like this is similar to a jigsaw puzzle, getting every piece to link up even and then lay correctly.  It must take great patience, something I don't always have...
My Amanda introduced me to the Renaissance Festival several years ago, and I always talk/dream/plan to go in costume, but never quite drum up the courage (or the money), but these Maiden Faire Sterling Silver and Malachite Earrings would be a fantastic start to my outfit.  Again, looking at these, I can't imagine how Alix knows where to attach each ring without it all falling apart!  Amazing!  Alix has a brick and mortar shop in Idaho called "The Little Shop of Artists", a retail venue for local artists to share their talent and wares.  She is also writing an e-book titled "In Chains" where she shares tips and project for the chainmaille wanna-be's, like me.
Alix has just opened a second shop on, Blackbird Metalworks.  Here you will find her original designs of fine jewelry, like this
Malachite and Sterling Silver Ring.  The shop is just newly opened, so bookmark it and check it often for new items.  Ok, now I could just sit here and brag about Alix all day long, but people...I've got chores to do and I'm still in my pj's!  But before I leave, let me give you your chores for today...1) visit The Alchemist Vessel. 2) visit Blackbird Metalworks. 3) check out her blog. 4) like her facebook page. 5) follow her pins on Pinterest. 6) and you can even get linkedin with Alix.  So, go ahead, get started, and I'll see y'all tomorrow.
Be blessed,
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