Monday, March 4, 2013

The winner of HHC#30 is...My European Touch

I was the hostess of last weeks Handmade Artists highlight challenge...and as my prize I offered these 2 kits..
with these kits I also will block, mat, and frame the finished pieces for the winner.  And that winner is Monkia from My European Touch, and this is her winning highlight.
Now for a little bit about Monika.
She is an amazing woman who grew up in Germany shortly after the end of WWII, and that is where she found her many talents at a very young age.  Watching her parents and other family adults re-using and making do with whatever was available to them, she learned to make candles, clothes for her dolls, and how to fit pieces of china together like a puzzle.  Monkia can create new and beautiful items from old and broken items, and has evolved into a self-taught mosaic artist.  I have the honor of owning one of her newer pieces...
I purchased this mosaic dove for hubby's birthday next month, and it is absolutely amazing.  And large!  I bet if you asked, she would make one for you too.  Monika not only creates mosaics, she paints, draws, and just beautifies everything she sees...

Here is an example of her updated pincushion vase, she took an old silver plated vase and turned it into a pretty and useful pincushion for the shabby chic seamstress.  She also has pincushions that she created from old tea pots.  

This is a print of her original painting, a watercolor of Japanese cherry blossoms.  She painted the original while still living in Germany back in 1975, but you will receive an 8x10 print in a protective sleeve.
And here is an example of just what Monika is famous for...her mosaics.  This tray centerpiece is beautifully adorned with Blue Onion pattern china plate pieces, that she cut and set one at a time.  It's all grouted and ready for use, and I love it!

You can also find My European Touch on flickr, and like her page on facebook.  And I highly recommend her blog for all the interesting stories that she loves to share with her readers.

That's the winner for this week, so click on any link above to visit Monika, and join us at HandmadeArtists for more fun and friendship.
Be blessed,
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