Friday, March 22, 2013

Where handmade hangs out.

Do you love handmade.  Whether you buy it, sell it, make it, keep it, or give it away, you'll love hanging out at Handmade Artists.  I've been there for a while now, and I love it.  Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen started the forum as a safe place for artists to get together without fear of...well, bullies.  Because let's face it, when someone is rude, or critical, or sarcastic, that person is being a bully.  And for some reason, when people get on-line, they may act in a totally opposite way that they are in real life.  And the forums on some not to be named handmade selling venues are just plain full of bullies.  But here at Handmade Artists, you won't find bullies, you'll find friends.  No teams, no cliques, just lots of friends.  And lots of fun things to do too.  

classy black beaded necklace

First you introduce yourself, then just wait, soon (probably within seconds) you'll meet your first friend.  Yesterday Tree Craft Diary joined the fun, and already this necklace has 139 views.  Why?  Because we all love handmade.  There are several twitter accounts, other sites, and a facebook page all associated with Handmade Artists, so every new item is shared as soon as it is listed.  Plus other members (like me) loves to promote handmade and we tweet and share and pin as many new items as possible.  There is On Fire for Handmade where Anne shares other artists on her Great Finds and Handmade shoutouts.  And Kimberly keeps up It's Better Handmade where she not only features artists, but we can post our own items, with links, on the site for others to see.

purple raccoon card

We also have a highlight challenge every week.  A highlight is just like a treasury or a collection of handmade items that meet a specified theme.  Last weeks winner was Bethie's Cards.  As the winner she received extra free promotion on the above sites.  Plus the knowledge that her highlight got the most views.  

Now you don't need to have a shop on the site, the forum is open to all artists...and while we don't have teams, we do have rings that are open to everyone, regardless of where you sell your items.  We have a blog ring for those who like to write, a twitter ring, a facebook member spotlight, a pinterest ring, and a google + there is plenty to do here.  
But my favorite section is the "what are you doing today" thread under the general discussion section.  Everyone just shares our day to day struggles and triumphs.  A great place for love and support.  Speaking of support, if you have any crafty questions, or tips, share it on the forum, and you'll be sure to get help from someone.  Oh, and if you're looking for a new home for your shop...we've got you covered there too.
So come and visit, you'll be sure to love it there!
Be blessed,
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