Saturday, March 23, 2013

Family News...

We've been busy here at the "farm", the chickens are growing like crazy, and the ducks are even crazier.  We moved them from the heat box in the shop, to their own coop outside.  Of course we had to add boards  and plastic to the sides since our nights are still too cold for them.  In fact, I have the sugar water out, but haven't seen beak nor feather of my hummingbirds yet. :0(

We named the ducks Daffy and Quakers.  Quakers is super loud and a big chicken! lol  They run from us and try to hide under the smaller chicks.  Hannah likes to crawl into the pen with them, but I can't squat down enough to get in there. Besides, crawling around in chicken poop is not my idea of a fun time.

Speaking of a fun time....

Wednesday was Hannah's 12th birthday, so she has now officially been with us more than half of her life. She was 5 1/2 when she came to us, and it's been a trying and difficult journey, but with a lot of love, prayer, and therapy, things are getting better every day.  

Yep, she asked for, and got, makeup!  Aghhhh!  I had to talk Chuck into it, because he hates it when any of our kids grow up...and she will be our last, except for grandchildren.

Speaking of grandkids,  I was notified yesterday that my son Greg and his wife Kristen are having a boy!  Quintin Lee will be here around August 8th....I'm so excited.  This will be their first baby, and it's about time. hahahaha.

Now I'll leave you with this, Tuesday was Hannah's spring concert for school, and she auditioned for the solo part and got it.  We are very proud of her.  Here she is singing "livin in the rain" originally by Jeff and Sherri Easter.

Be blessed,

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