Monday, March 25, 2013

YBC Storytime - Time for a New Life - chapter 3

Last week we saw John and Sara finally come together again in their time of trouble instead of blaming and fighting.  Since then, they have finished packing up their most important belongings and sold everything else.  Furniture, vehicles, fine china, designer suits and shoes, electronics.  All that is left is some clothes, photo albums, and a few other items.  The money they received from the sale, while it couldn't pay their debt, it did give them some thing to live on, for now....

Chapter 3 - Where do we go from here?

"John, come quick!" I yelled for John as I came running into the house holding the mail.  Another pile of bills and letters from collection agencies, but one envelope held my attention.  The return address was a lawyers office, one I had never heard of before.  One from our old home town.  I had already read the letter on the walk into the house, and now I'm walking with a lighter step.  "What is it?  Is the house on fire?  We should be so lucky."  John jokes as he comes out of the bathroom.  He frowns when he sees the pile of bills, and starts to turn away until I hand him the letter.  He looks at it, then he starts to read it.  I see his face go from confused to surprised, and then a smile spreads across his face.  "Kids!  Kids, come in here, quick."  In runs Janie, followed by her big sister Anna, and then slowly, sullenly, in comes our oldest, Jacob.  "What is it Dad?  I was busy." Jacob growls.  Seems like that is all he does now, growl and sit in his room, alone.
John just tells everyone to have a seat, we have great news for everyone.  To my surprise, he hands me the letter and sits down with the kids.  "Well, Mom?  What is it?  Is that an important letter?  Do we get to keep the house?  Did we win the lottery?"  Janie is full of questions and starts to giggle.  "Don't be stupid, just shut up."  Janie's eyes fill with tears at Jacob's comment, but John just picks her up and holds her on his lap.  So I  read the letter...for the family.

"Dear Mrs. Wright,
barn photo
      First let me extend to you my condolences on the loss of your grandmother last year.  While you and I have never met, I visited your grandmother often while I was enrolled in the local university, and she was the most loving and amazing woman.  After I graduated, I left town to start my law firm.  Imagine my surprise when she contacted me two years ago and asked me to handle her estate.  I assumed that she would have used your family lawyer, but she wanted the matter of the family farm handled separately from the rest of her estate.  As per her request, I have sold off most of the farmland, but kept the homestead and the surrounding 3 acres, for you.  She used to regal me with stories of the summers you would spend with her when you were just a child, picking berries and making pies, feeding the chickens, and learning to drive a tractor from your grandfather.  She also shared with me the time you knocked down the barn door with that very same tractor.  She wanted you to have this property.  It has taken me all of this past year to clear up this part of her estate, but it is now ready for you.  The house and barn and property is debt free and repaired and ready for you.  The only requirement of this inheritance is that you live in this house for one year, after which you may sell it if you wish.  You can contact me at this number at any time.
Matthew James Smithe, Esq."

barn yard quilt
"WHAT???  A FARM???  YOU WANT ME TO LIVE ON A FARM?  YOU MUST BE NUTS.  I WON'T GO!!!"  Jacob jumps up from his seat and screams at us as he runs from the room.  We can hear his bedroom door slam.  John and I just look at each other and I try not to cry.  Janie is quietly sobbing in her daddy's chest, then I feel a small hand in mine.  Anna, quiet little Anna takes my hand and looks up at me.  "Don't cry Mom, it's going to be ok.  Jacob didn't really mean that.  Once we move, he'll realize that God answered our prayers.  We now have a place to live.  We now have another home."
I kneel down and squeeze her tight.  "You're right Anna.  God has answered our prayers."  I look up and find John just looking at me, and then he smiles.  Janie smiles.  And then I can feel a smile sneak up on me.  And it feels good.

It seems that life is changing for the Wright family.  A farm?  How exciting.  And so are the handmade items I found to compliment my story.  You can click on the links below the pictures to visit the shops where you will find these items, and many others also.  And check in with us next week for moving day!

Be blessed,
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