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Time for a New Life - chapter 5- One Year Later

A year has come and gone sine John and Sarah moved back to her grandmother's homestead.  A year full of challenges and difficulties.  But also a year of growth and change, for everyone in the family.

chapter 5 - One Year Later

handmade rocking chair
Here I sit in my gramma's rocker on the front porch of our home.  I'm holding a letter that I just received from Matthew James Smithe, Esq., the lawyer whose first letter changed our lives.  It's hard to believe that it's been a full year since then.  Our old life seems like it belonged to some other family, or perhaps a movie I once watched on television.  The big house, the designer clothes, the scramble to stay on top of the bills, the backstabbing from the others in the country club.  Today, there is just a small farmhouse, jeans and t-shirts, and a town full of people that are more then friends...they are family.
"Mom, we won!  We're the county champions!"  I hear my son yell as they pull up the driveway.  It took many months, but with the help of new friends in school, Jacob has settled into his new life.  His grades in school have gone up, and he's the captain of his baseball team.  Jacob jumps out of the back of the truck and come running up the porch, as the rest of the players also get out of the truck.  "Mom, it was great.  It was the top of the 9th inning, and we were ahead so Dad let little Tommy take a turn in the outfield.  The other team got the bases loaded, and with 2 strikes, their best batter stepped up.  He hit a hard drive right up the middle, right to Tommy."  With a laugh, Jacob continues his story, "with his eyes closed, Tommy just puts his arm up in the air and the ball dropped right into his glove.  And that was it, game over, and we're the champs!"  I hug my son and then he runs off to play with the rest of the boys.  John comes up on the porch and takes a chair.  "Sarah, what a day.  What a good day."  He bends down to kiss my head, and rubs my every growing belly where the newest Wright resides.  Then he stretches out his legs, and promptly falls asleep, with a smile on his face.
goat's milk soap
John has worked hard this past year, fixing up the house, planting a garden, and then opening his own shop in town.  It may not be what others would consider much, but John is once again very proud of himself.  And happy to have time to spend with his family.  The girls took to their new lives as if they had always lived on a farm.  The first thing they did was bring home a puppy that a friend gave them.  Then another puppy.  Then we got some goats for milk and chickens for eggs.  The girls help me make soap and cheese, to sell at our shop, and Jacob drives the tractor and helps with the garden.  In fact, the very first time, he ran that tractor right into the barn door, just like I did when I was his age.  I glance down at the letter I was writing to Mr. Smithe.  The response to his letter reminding us that the one year condition of my grandmothers will has expired and offering his assistance in selling our property.  I smile  as I fold up the letter and slide it into an envelope.  We have decided to stay here, home.  The future is bright and full of possibilities.

I hope this story reminds us all that our happiness does not come for the things in our lives or the amount in our bank account.  Our happiness comes from good friends and loving family.  And every little moment that makes up our lives...together.
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