Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for Quintin

I am big on family, and when my oldest son told me that he was going to be a daddy (finally!) I started planning what I was going to make the baby.  Well, I was told about Quintin at Christmas, and he's due at the end of August, and I am just now getting things together for him.  Yeah, planning ahead has never been a strong suit for me. hahaha.  But this is what's going in the first box out...

This is Teddy...the very first gift that Greg had received from his paternal grandparents.  Greg was about 3 or 4 months old the first time he met them.  He loved this teddy, and carried him around with him when he got older.  Poor Teddy is worn, but that just means he was loved, and I'm sure Teddy is looking forward to meeting Quintin.  His arms and legs still move, but I've had to stitch his head seams several times through out the years, so Teddy would probably enjoy life on a shelf now, with an occasional hug or two.

Now this crochet fox is new, I received Timber from an amazing artist at Etsy....Robin Eppard.  Her shop is called Recreations, and is filled with wonderful easy to care for pets for your kids.  I joked around that Timber was so cute, I might keep him for myself, but hey, I'm Gramma, and we grammas give everything to our grandkids. 
I'm sure Quintin will have tons of fun with Timber, and since Mommy and Daddy decorated his room with a jungle theme, Timber will feel right at home.

And speaking of jungle themes, I have been saving these slippers for a long time.  I had made these slippers for Greg when he was about 10 (?) and I made cat slippers for Amanda and puppy slippers for Josh.  These are the only pair that survived the many moves through out the years.  I got them out and was going to try and figure out the pattern so I could make a pair for Quintin, but....

look what I found when I did a google search?
Yep, the original pattern book at the shop of cozyhomecrochet.  I have no idea when I lost mine, but I snatched this one up quick.  I am so excited and can't wait for it to arrive.  I'll be making a pair of lion slippers for Quintin, and this Christmas, all my baby grandkids, and great grandkids will be getting slippers! LOL
I am also working on a stuffed football, baseball, and mitt from an old pattern (1981) that I had made for Greg when he was only 4.  They will also be going to Quintin when completed.
So, what do you all think about traditions????  I sure hope Quintin will enjoy these items as much as his daddy did so long ago.
Be blessed,
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