Monday, July 29, 2013

My girl is feeding my girls

It took her some time for her to get comfortable, but Hannah has discovered the fun of having a chicken peck at her fingers while feeding them from her hand.

She started to freak out when all 13 came running after I called them, but now she sits and feeds them every chance she gets.  It helps her learn to sit still and calm, that's for sure. hahaha
 Here's a few close ups of my babies.  This is Red, and he is "the master", except at feeding time.  Whenever I give him something special, sure enough, one of the girls will come running and take it right out of his beak.  And he let's them, hence the term "hen pecked".
 This is Spot.  She lays green eggs.  Really.  But only whenever she feels like it.  She's getting to the age where she will soon stop laying altogether.
In case you are wondering about my ducks, here they are...
the one with the curl in the tail is our male, Daffy.  And he really is daffy.  I think he's the reason behind the phrase "dumb duck".  The other is our female Quakers.  She spends most of her time following Daffy yelling at him.  He is really hen pecked. lol
Believe it or not, Quakers climbs up into this old chicken coop to lay her eggs.  Surprisingly they are not that much bigger then the chicken eggs.  I was hoping for big eggs that I can use for Psanky Eggs.  Maybe as she matures and gets bigger.  If the eggs do get bigger, I'll get a few more female ducks.
No these are not my eggs.  I forgot to take pictures of the eggs I did make before I sold them (or broke them) in a move.
Until tomorrow....
Be blessed,
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