Thursday, July 25, 2013

True Love Waits

Our church recently provided our teen (and pre-teen) girls the opportunity to participate in True Love Waits.  This is a program to help our young people to understand and embrace purity and abstinence, and while my daughter is still too young for sex (I wish), this is something that all parents need to share with their children, boys and girls.  If you're a believer in Jesus Christ or God or not, you can not leave it up to society to teach them and guide them.  And while this program does not mean our children will stay a virgin until marriage,  because our children are bombarded with sexualized tv shows, games, and movies daily, it does give them understanding and a choice.  My husband and I are proud of the choice Hannah has made, today.
(oh, and even when Hannah makes poor choices, we are proud of her everyday).

 Crystal and Hannah at the TLW purity ring ceremony.

 Here they are with their youth leaders.

And Hannah with us, her loving and wonderful and extremely smart parents. (she's reading me as I type, and just huffed, lol)
The photo we took at church did not come out, so we took another one when we got home. 
She is growing up just way too fast for me. :-(
Be blessed,
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