Monday, August 12, 2013

Hannah's gone to camp

Yesterday we dropped Hannah off at Camp Harrison for a week of fun and new friends.  At least I hope so.
It's a camp run by the YMCA and it is beautiful!  Here's a few pics I took when we drove around and took a tour.  We only took a few pictures, the camp was so large.  I wanted to get photos of the teepees, but we could not get to it in our car, and Chuck's leg was bothering him so we didn't want to walk.

This is part of the was hugh!  Hannah loves to swim and when she saw that slide, she got a big smile on her face.  

This is the chapel.  It sits at the top of a hill overlooking the lake, very beautiful and very serene.  It's open inside, and looks like a wonderful place to commune with God.

This is the challenge course that Hannah signed up looks like something out of a military boot camp. LOL.  Hannah got excited when she first saw it, then she got a little scared when she saw just how big and high it is.  And her Dad took one look and was ready to lock her back into the car and take her home to protect her. hahaha.

Look at those dark clouds that started to move's suppose to rain most of the week, so she will quickly learn what a wet horse smells like.  I'm praying for more sunny days.  There is just so much there for them to do, I don't want her to miss a thing.

When it was time to leave we drove her back to her cabin.  She started to cry and held onto me so tightly...and it felt good.  If you have ever had to live with a child that was neglected as a baby, and thereby developed attachment issues, you would know what a big deal that hug was to me. :-)

Here's the official camp video...yeah, she's not that excited about mucking stalls, but she loved shopping for new boots and a cool cowgirl hat.
I've discovered on the camp website, where I can get pictures everyday...
so I'll keep you updated on the fun.
Have you ever gone to camp?  Or sent your kids to camp?  Share a story in the comments and we'll pretend we're all sitting around the campfire together. :-)
Be blessed,
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