Monday, August 26, 2013

Homeschooling Monday

Well, this is it, day 1 of 7th grade for Hannah.  She wanted to be home schooled again, so after a lot (and I mean A LOT) of prayer and discussion, Chuck and I agreed.  While I love the whole concept of homeschooling, and totally agree with it (and totally disagree with Common Core, but that's a different subject/rant) Hannah's home schooled 4th grade was not fun, for any of us, so after talking to other homeschoolers and groups and looking at websites, we decided to follow the Easy Peasy curriculum.  It has every day already set up (go ahead Hannah, argue with the computer) and it's free (perfect for us).  It's set up so Hannah is (mostly) in control of her school day, learning at her own pace, and her own likes and dislikes.  This year she'll be covering math (geometry and algebra), a foreign language (Spanish), language arts (poetry), history (ancient Egypt), science (biology), computers, music (pray for me, she wants drum lessons), and art, and of course our faith with be incorporated into all of this, and we are both very excited.
There is now a tab at the top of this site, and it will connect you to Hannah's very own blog, where we will share links to other homeschool sites, book reports, field trip pictures, and maybe a few teen drama scenes. 

I tried to take a "surprise" natural picture, but Hannah saw me, and ran to fix her hair first, lol.  But here she is, hard at work.  So my kitchen table is not just my office anymore, it's also now a class room.
When she posts on her own blog hannahshomeschooldaze, I'll share the link here.  Please feel free to visit her, and comment, she's looking forward to meeting all of you. 
Be blessed,
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