Saturday, August 24, 2013

New finds from the Treasure Cove

The other day, we spent the day running errands, and for our reward, we stopped at our favorite local antique shop, The Treasure Cove in Taylorsville NC.  Want to see what I found?
(now please remember I took these pictures with my phone, and Picassa can only help so much, lol)
I love how someone took these vintage hand drills and created a towel/coat rack.  It gives me an urge to ransack Chuck's work shop, but he told me to keep out. hahaha
In the same booth I saw this wonderful corner shelf made from a vintage wooden door.  Chuck just shook his head and walked away.  How did I ever fall for this man????  :-)
Vintage electronics is a real love of mine, and the design on the speaker of this radio is just great!
I just love old cupboards, and side boards, and dressers.  This one had a wonderful old latch, and when I opened the door, I was engulfed with the lovely old musty smell from a cupboard that has been used for generations.  I told Chuck that when I "redo" my kitchen, I would love to toss out all the cabinets, and just line the walls with old cupboards like this.
Now I'd like to leave you all with links to a few of my favorite vintage lovers blogs.  I get to live out my hidden vintage desires thru them, and it keeps my home from getting too cluttered.  :-)
Kris from Junk Chic Cottage
Susan from Must Love Junk
and Angie (who lead me to them) from Knick of Time.
If you enjoy vintage, you'll enjoy them.  Till next time....
Be blessed,
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