Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to ...... ME!

I know that at the end of yesterday's feature, I said that we would visit Kristen Perez's other shop, Secret Gems, but today is my birthday, and I want to spend it with y'all. <3

Today I am 50 something.  I decided on my 50th birthday to stop counting, lol.  You know what they you get older the first thing to go is your mathematical abilities. hahaha
I had made a bucket list once  when I turned 50, and I refreshed it on New Years Eve last year.  So let's see what I have  accomplished in the past ? years and 9 months....

1.)  get a motorcycle license....
hmmmm, I think I'm now beyond this stage.  Chuck and I hit a rough financial patch and turned in our motorcycle this past spring.  And while Chuck still looks longingly at the other bikes cruising the roads, I am sort of relieved.  My beloved turned 72 this year, and I think there comes a time we have to admit that we just can't continue to do the same things.  I've seen too many accidents with motorcycles to want to take any chances.  But I can still hope for part 2 of this wish...get a classic Pontiac Trans-am.  Oh yeah baby!

2.)  Re-learn German.
I've actually started this one.  When we started homeschooling Hannah this year, part of her curriculum was learning a foreign language.  She chose Spanish, and so Chuck and I join her in her Spanish lessons every day.  We use a really cool app  from our local library called Pronunciator.  I went to a class at the library to learn about this program, and you can learn up to 50 different languages, and is much more user friendly than Rosetta Stone.  And best of's free!  
So while I'm learning Spanish on the computers during school hours, I'm re-learning German with the app on my smart phone.

3.)  Rent a beach house on the beach for a week and have a family get together.
Yeah, that won't be happening anytime soon...unless I win the lottery. lol

4.)  Go to Florida to see my great-grandbabies.
We'll be leaving at the end of this month for a week and a half long vacation with our kids and grandkids and crew in Florida.  Our grandson is getting married (finally) and Chuck is performing the ceremony.
I am soooo excited!!!!!

5.)  Go to Vermont to see my great-granbabies.
Sorry, Nicky, but this will have to wait till we get the RV and start traveling.

6.)  Paint more.
Well, between homeschool and my shop, I haven't started that yet.  But I did sign up for a painting class, so there can be no more excuses!

7.)  Get closer to my Daddy.
I am so grateful that God meets us where ever we are, every day.  I do feel closer to Him, but also, the closer I feel, the more I want to get even closer.  It is Him that has blessed me this past year, abundantly, pressed down, shaken together, and beyond measure.  Thank you Abba.

So what are your dreams for your future birthdays?  While it's great to dream, don't wait to start fulfilling your

Be blessed,
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