Thursday, October 3, 2013

We're "Seeing Red" at the Handmade Artists Forum

Even though I moved my shop(s) to The Craft Star, I still am part of the forum over at Handmade Artists because, well, good friends are hard to find.  
And I made some good friends there.
And part of our friendships is the blog ring, where we get to just brag about each other. 
Sandi from IKnitQuiltSew has taken over the organization of this ring, and I thank her for that.  She has deemed in her wonderful wisdom that we will be following themes (I love themes) and picking items from the list of participating shops.  So much fun!  And here we go....

Now I know that these are pink, not red, but hey, it's the same color family.  And I could not help but share these baby skates from Sandi at iKnitQuiltSew.  I have seen lots of baby booties, cowboy booties, baby slippers, but for us yankees there is nothing like ice skating.  Love them!
Next is my best buddy at HA, Pam from BeadThing.   She is a homeschooling Gramma, and I love how she remembers to send me links to cool homeschooling stuff.  We crazy women need to stick together. hahaha
She started beading She started beading and designing jewelry for her health many years ago, and has gotten so good at it, she even teaches classes now and then at Michaels.  For her red item I chose to share this wonderful handwoven red swarovski waves bracelet
I cannot imagine the patience it takes for Monika of MyEuropeanTouch fame to create her totally awesome mosaic pieces.  This rectangular lidded recipe/treasure box truly is a treasure.  With each piece meticulously cut and shaped and set into place...the end result is...
I am blessed to own a mosaic dove created by Monika, and it has become a family keepsake.
If you love gemstones, you'll love John's shop, Rasmussen gems and jewelry.  John is an accomplished lapidarist and jewelry designer, and the gemstones you'll find in his shop were cut and polished by him.  So you can rest comfortably knowing that his experience will get you the best bang for your buck.  I love this garnet and gold pendant.  So very pretty and elegant.
My last share for this post is a newbie to our blog ring, Lisa from Uniqlets. She is more than a jewelry designer, more than a steampunk jewelry designer, and more than a vintage lover.  She is an artist, and her jewelry is just you can wear.  She also has the greatest collection of Bakelite I have ever seen!  This Red and Yellow  Flower pendant is just that...a bakelite flower on a yellow bakelite buckle. 
Too cool!

Well, that's it for this week.  I can't wait to see the theme for next week.
Be blessed,
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