Friday, October 4, 2013

You're looking at one proud Gramma

Ah, what a wonderful life.
Being a Gramma is so much fun.
I love all my grandkids, and they range in age from 27 to 2 months, but today I am going to share...

Owen will be turning 5 next month
and started pre-school this year.

This is his first school craft.
A lovely mixed media abstract self-portrait.
I love it.
Before you know it, we'll be listing his art for sale.

Just this past week, he brought home his first award.

He always did like to read, and Brandon says that Owen brings books home from school all the time.

Just another trait he got from his Mom
(and me)
(and Nana)

Speaking of his mom, Amanda started her Remicade treatment this week.

Chrones is a terrible disease, so hard to fight, and just draining all around.  It breaks my mothers heart to see her hurting.  But don't tell her that, she hates to be coddled or questioned about her health.

She/I/We believe that the symptoms flare up under stress, and her life has been super busy lately, but the Remicade did wonders for her before, and we expect it to do wonders again.

Well, basically, that's been life here in NC lately.
Quiet, and full. :0)

Be blessed,
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