Thursday, November 7, 2013

the "handmade" family

Would you like to know what's great about the handmade community?
I have have know all my life that most (not all) artists are truly the most friendly and sharing group of people, and since I've started selling my creations on line, I have made so many new friends there too.
And some have become family.  Let me share with you my newest family member.
Monika from MyEuropeanTouch.
(Monika - me)
I first "met" Monika many years ago when we were both selling on Etsy.  I had totally fallen in love with a violin that she had mosaic-ed.  It was gorgeous.   Fast forward a few years, and I had left Etsy and started selling on Handmade Artists.  Well, who did I run into in the forums?  You guessed it....Monika.
Then, just a few weeks ago, we were in her neck of the country visiting family, and when I sent Monika a message about meeting for coffee....she did not hesitate to squeeze me into her very busy schedule.  (She had just purchased a new condo and was in the middle of moving and unpacking).
I am so glad she did, because dinner with her made my vacation complete.  Sometimes you meet a person that you feel like you've know forever, and that's how it was with us.  Instant BFF's lol.
( And yes, I totally believe that it was God who brought us together. )
(my hubby Chuck and Monika)
And not only did I enjoy our visit, so did Chuck (the proud recipient of one of her mosaic doves).
(Monika - me - Hannah - Brandon - Chuck)
Now here's a new family photo, one I will proudly display on my wall.
Love this handmade community!
Be blessed,
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