Monday, January 13, 2014

A crafty Christmas

I like to give handmade items when I give gifts, and that desire has been passed on to my children. (I got it from my own mom).  So I'd like to share 2 pictures with you from this past Christmas.
First a little background...Hannah suffers from insomnia, and I mean A LOT!  And yes, we've tried Melatonin, Sleepy Time tea, and other types of sleeping pills.  Now Chuck and I just ask her to keep her bedroom door closed and her radio low so the rest of us can sleep.  Well, one night at 2 am, she decided to make Owen his gift, with (I think) her bed sheet and some bottles of paint she snuck into her room when we were painting ornaments as a family over Thanksgiving break.  She made him his very own Woody doll.  She first painted him on the sheet, then cut it up and sewed it all together.  Head, body, arms, hands, legs, and boots.  It was quite an undertaking.
Owen loved it!!! 
 (Of course after playing with it the arms, head, and legs fell off, and I needed to re-sew them back on.  Apparently sewing is not one of Hannah's strong suits. lol)
And here is Owen and Brandon.  They truly are BFF's.  
(Amanda face timed me last night, and all Owen wanted to do was watch and act goofy with Brandon). 
What a amazing gift from God.
Be blessed,
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