Friday, January 10, 2014

finding my way through the world of e-commerce

Selling your product is hard.
Selling it on-line is even harder.
And that's why I am so glad to have re-connected with Bethan Davis and The Craft Star, not only does she understand the importance of promotion...she promotes!
The Craft Star is a great venue to share your handmade goodies, vintage finds, and much needed supplies.
The newest trend is google+ and Bethan is helping all of us to jump on board that train; with chats, and hangouts, and now with The Craft Star 6 week media boot camp, and it's open to everyone, 
not just The Craft Star sellers.
Take a peek at week 1...
So, she (and her amazing team) is not only helping us learn to help ourselves, but they actually DO things for us...wonderful Rhonda from Steampunk Beadery made me this video business card...
Plus...they host "meet the artists"'s my first (and so far only one).  It was so much fun!
I have to say....if you're not selling on The Craft Star yet, you really need to CHECK IT OUT!!!
Are you on google+ yet?  Come and find me there.
Be blessed,

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