Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I have no pictures to share with you today.  
And no links or handmade items either.  
But I do have a story to share.
A family story.  
And since my family does not read my blog (those fools) I don't have to worry about anyone bugging out about my story.

Now I must let you know, right now, that my family has more nuts than a peanut farmer.
(If you are truthful, yours probably does too. lol)

Last night I called my older sister in Buffalo NY.  We'll call her Dawn (because that is her name).  We were catching up on the weather and my son's trip home with the baby at Christmas.  Then she filled me in on family sicknesses (since I live in another state, apparently I'm on a need to know basis for family health matters).  (Thank goodness for Facebook or I would never know ANYTHING).

Anywho...during the conversation Dawn fairly shouts out...

"Do you know where Kathy is?"

In case you didn't know, our sister Kathy passed away in 2000, so this question really made me pause...then I asked...

"Kathy who?"
"Your sister Kathy?"
"Um, dead?"
"Yes!.  But Marty (her husband) buried her near Mom".

Up until now Kathy's ashes have been in an urn on their fireplace mantle right next to their beloved dog.  Marty was suppose to spread her ashes in Allegheny State Park where we camped as a family every year (and most of them still do).  
But Marty couldn't part with the ashes (they were high school sweethearts and together for over 30 years).  Well, in 2009 he finally decided to bury her.  (The dog may still be on the mantle).

I got the feeling that both my sisters were upset that they never knew...but to me it doesn't matter.
Because I know where my sister really is, and I will see her again one day.

Family....gotta love 'em!

Be blessed,
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