Monday, March 31, 2014

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When you start to investigate the possibility of homeschooling, and you start to read different blogs, you'll hear that you should have a designated spot and desks or cubbies or totes for every child.  That spot can be a separate room or a specific time at the table, but when you are trying to homeschool a child with ADHD and other challenges, take everything you read and throw it out the window!
At our home, space is at a premium.  In 4th grade, hubby happily made us a portable cubby.
It looked something like this.
image from My Very Educated Mother

Well, it didn't last long.  Hannah could not sit still very long in one place and she HATES paperwork.  So this year in 7th grade (she went back to public school for 5th and 6th and hated that even more) I found a great website where she does the great majority of her work, next to me, sitting on the sofa.

I really like this site, because they do all the work for me.  They set up the lessons, keep the records, and even provide a "recess" game area.  Now Hannah can do her work according to the ebb and flow of her inner clock, with minimal input from me.  So for $19.95 per month, it is well worth the price for me.  Here is an image of the main lesson page.
They cover Language Arts, Language Arts Extentions, Math, Social Studies (American History...I love it!), and 4 different Sciences.  They have just introduced an Art course also.
They have a Parent Log in page where you can adjust the lessons to your specific need.  So you don't need to use all the curriculum, or even do all the work in order.  They also have a Parent Forum where you can join other parent/teachers for support and tips.
And just so you know, I am not getting paid for this review.  I just want to encourge other parents looking for help teaching their children at home.  Until next time...
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