Thursday, March 6, 2014

Is it the weekend yet?

My week has been full of ups and downs, but this is why I love The Craft Star. Rhonda (from Steampunk Beadery) makes these for all the shops there, and this one is mine.  (It's actually the second one she made me, the first one is my video business card).

Now, why am I showing you this, you ask?  Because when your days seem to implode, it's good to remind yourself that there are friends out there looking after you, even when you don't seem to have time to look after yourself.

Let's see, Sunday Chuck was sick and in bed all day.
 Monday was spent taking my loving and well behaved children to 3 different doctors appointments.  (Can you hear the sarcasm???)  
Tuesday I had a drilling headache all day, plus it was cold...again...and snowed...again. 
 And then my washing machine broke down.  UGH....
Wednesday....I got a break, a check I forgot about arrived in the mail, so today I get to go shopping for a new washing machine...
But...with all this going on...I did not get to spend any time in my studio yet this week.  And as you crafty people know, when you can't create, you can get downright CRANKY.  lol

So, while I start my shopping for a washer on-line, let me leave you with something to make you 
Man...I love that show.

Be blessed,
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