Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Craft Star is for the birds....

...bird lovers, that is.  And I am definetly a bird lover.  The past 2 weekends we have gotten new birds (which is driving my cat crazy) so I thought I would see what birdy items I could find at The Craft Star.  

I love this vintage Sarah Coventry Bird Pendant.  When I was a teenager, there was a woman down the street that sold Sarah Coventry Jewelry, and I absolutely loved this line of jewelry.  It was trendy, and affordable for someone on a babysitting income.  I found this piece in the shop of Dobler Styles'.
I don't know about you, but I am so ready for summer.  Green grass, flowers, and garden decor.  I love the bright and bold colors on this Neon Sunset Heron Bird Flag.  I found this in the shop of Floozees Dozees.  Man, I love that name, hahaha.
Now, is this wall plaque awesome, or what???
It's a handmade 90 piece custom tropical bird wooden wall plaque by Tom's Crafts.  There are 6 different birds here, and Tom will paint them to match your own birds, to make it completely personal.  Very cool!  You can find all the birdy stuff at The Craft Star here.

Now let me show you our 2 new babies.

This is Victor. He's a parakeet. We had named him Violet (because of his color), but Hannah did a google search and has determined the she was a he, thence the name change to Victor.

 And this is Sweets, he's a cockatiel.  And he's all mine.  Cockatiels bond to one person, so I have to take my time letting him get use to me.  I can't wait till he is a little older and starts to talk.

If you're interested in anything above, just click on the links and you will be wisked away to the appropriate place.  And until next time,
Be blessed,
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