Sunday, July 20, 2014

Book Review - Framing Faith by Matt Knisely

Today I would like to share with you my review of the book "Framing Faith" by Matt Knisely published by Thomas Nelson.
Matt is an award winning photojournalists with a heart for God.  And in this book he shares with us the importance of slowing down and taking time to see God in the every day moments surrounding us.  My highlighter got a lot of use with this book, so many great nuggets of wisdom.
Let me share a few...
"Our lives are not lived in a vacuum, but rather they are interconnected, woven together, and inseparable.  For me to withhold my story would be to rip out a thread from the tapestry of humanity.  God has woven me in just as he has woven her in, and him in, and them in...and you in."
"At times we find ourselves in a spiritual crisis, and in those moments
God is speaking to us amid all the confusion of our lives, against all our comprehension and controlling...but we don't hear him.  Christ is making an appeal that disrupts the way we think and know and believe...but it disturbs us, so we tune him out.  God want s us to be story listeners.  He wants us to listen to our story and to his story."
"We've become so accustomed to God's Word and his story that at times we let it have little value in our lives.  When is the last time you celebrated the incredible gift of your salvation? So often we are bored by it - uninterested and apathetic toward the story that changed the destiny of all of mankind."
Man, talk about stepping on my toes.  There is so much truth and encouragement in this book that I plan to read it again, and again.  And I happily recommend this book to anyone that wants to enjoy life more, to slow down and hear from God on a daily basis.
Be blessed,
**I received this book free from the publisher through the® book review program.  The review is totally my own opinion.**
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