Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Abundant Herb Garden

In the spring of this year, I did an overhaul of my herb garden.  I pulled out EVERYTHING. 
** here's a tip...never, never, never plant mint in a garden....it grows overwhelmingly, lol.**
I tried to just pull the mint last summer, but it would just come up someplace else.  So I dug up my other herbs, and then Chuck tilled, and tilled, and tilled.  Then I laid down weedblock and replanted my lemon balm, sage, and rosemary, and purchased new plants of basil, flat leaf parsley, oregano, marjoram, dill, and chives.  It looked good....then everything got bigger.

**this is not the most recent picture, but I forgot to take a picture before the harvest, of course. **

Now what to do with all my herbs?  A quick google search and I decided on freezing.  It was messy, but I love the feel of having fresh herbs in winter.

First, pick and clean.  This is my basil, the herb I tend to use the most.  After picking off the leaves, into the salad spinner.  I love my spinner.  

Then I started chopping.  I got this great rocking herb cutter years ago.  I am a real sucker for kitchen gadgets.  Which is quite funny since I don't really like to cook.

All nice and chopped.  And guess what I discovered?  Chopped basil will turn your hands green! hahaha

I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but I put the chopped basil into a bowl and added olive oil.  After mixing it together, into a labeled freezer bag.  I laid it flat and stuck it in the freezer.

Now last night I was making spaghetti for dinner, and went outside to get herbs for the sauce, when I realized that I harvested so well, I needed to use some of my newly frozen herbs. And they were tasty!

Do you harvest and preserve anything?  What is your favorite way to eat summer all winter long?

Be blessed,

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