Saturday, August 23, 2014

Being Part Of A Team

Hey Everyone!!!!  Sorry it's been over a week since my last post (mybad) but I've had an exciting and busy week.  Let me tell you my great news....I am now an official member of The Craftstar team....and I can't think of a better team to join.
Heading into the 2014 Holiday Season....Bethan Davies is practically exploding with ideas to help promote The Craftstar, and every artist there.  Let me show you what we're doing now....

The Creative Community Celebrates...

...and this is how it works.  During the week, (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), we choose a TCS shop, make a wonderful graphic (see above) and then share it on Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and blogs.  (On the google+ graphic you'll even find the links to the shops, plus tips on what to say on all the social media outlets).  It's as easy as playing tag...and when you use the hashtag #TCScelebrates, you may win a free month on The Craftstar.  It's a win win for everyone.

Now for my part of the teamwork...I am contacting the local media for each artist that we are celebrating, so our artists may even get interviewed for more local exposure!  How great is that?  Plus I am working on spreading the word about The Craftstar in the blogosphere....links everywhere. lol

Want to know what else you get by becoming part of The Craftstar?  Help!  With everything.  Rhonda makes video business cards for you, (and commercials) Google+, Facebook, and helps with tech issues.  Natalie helps with Twitter and Pinterest, Sherri runs our fun Facebook auctions, and Carrie loves to help with photography tips (she's a professional).  And that's not all, if you need ANYTHING, we will work hard to help you succeed.

So come on and join the "team" at The Craftstar, because no-one becomes a success all by themselves.

Be blessed,
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