Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Creative Community Celebrates!

The wonderful people at The Craft Star have come up with another great idea!
Celebrating the creativity in YOU!
Every day a new artist will be celebrated, on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, any where you can find handcrafting supporters on the web.  Today we are celebrating Kottage Kreations, and this is my favorite piece in her shop.

This is how the celebration works....

The Creative Community Celebrates!

Please join us today in celebrating Kottage Kreations.  Why?  As a wide ranging community of creatives we should be celebrating each other!  By you sharing the links below, you're showing your appreciation for Kottage Kreations's creativity, you're giving a boost to a small business, you're giving this shop a pat on the back of congratulations, and a HUGE virtual hug!   Wouldn't we ALL love that?

Please check out Kottage Kreations and find an item you really love.  Share it, Tweet it, Pin it, SHOUT IT OUT TO THE WORLD!  Use the hashtag #TCSCelebrates and you might win a free month or two on The CraftStar!

Suggestions of messaging to use:

Tweet:  Check out a great collection of stamped jewelry for everyone! #TCSCelebrates

Facebook:  As part of the creative community, I'm celebrating Kottage Kreations.  Check out her gorgeous handmade jewelry and SHARE this post!!!  #TCSCelebrates

Pin:  I love this hand-stamped jewelry!  As part of the creative community, I'm celebrating Kottage Kreations.  Check this shop out!  #TCSCelebrates (

#thecraftstar #TCSCelebrates #beunique

So, come on and celebrate!!!!

Be blessed,
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