Thursday, August 14, 2014

Keeping Up Family Traditions

Remember the old days?  Cooking and canning to provide fresh and healthy food to your family?  I do, I remember learning to can vegetables and bake bread from my Aunt Barb on the farm when I was just a kid in the 70's.  No, that's not me above...

...that's my Hannah yesterday afternoon.  Learning a family tradition.

Just look at that knife fly....good enough for The Food Network, don't you think?
She wasn't really enthused about this, but I told her that if she wanted Kosher Dill (her favorite) instead of Bread and Butter (my favorite) than she better help. :0)

Now to let them sit and pickle.  Yum yum.  And because I forgot to share my effort from last week...

....I'll be ready for all the butternut squash casserole my family can eat this coming winter.  (I also canned 8 quarts of tomatoes but I forgot to take pictures.  Don't worry, I have more tomatoes on the vine just waiting for me.)

So how about you?  Do you bake or can? 
Where did you learn your culinary skills?

Be blessed,
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