Monday, October 6, 2014

The Young Entrepreneur's Guide To Starting & Running A Business - A Book Review

I got this really great book last month from The Crown Publishing Group, "The Young Entrepreneur's Guide To Starting & Running A Business", and it has revived my dream of a unique brick and mortar shop in downtown Statesville.
This book is not just an overview of running a business, but it is 480 pages of information, personal entrepreneur's stories, and step by step instructions for dummies like me to follow while pursuing my dream.  From writing a business plan, to looking for funding, to managing your money, this book covers it all.  I have highlighted parts, noted parts, and have stuck pieces of papers with ideas into its pages, and I am sure that I will be referring to this book often, if not daily.

Here is some info on the author Steve Mariotti.
"Steve Mariotti is the founder and president of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), a non-profit organization that has taught over twenty-five thousand young people across the country how to start their own small businesses."

You can purchase this book from Random House here.
 "I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review."

Would you like to hear my dream?
(Besides being a famous author) I would love to make The Yankee Burrow Co. a physical presence in downtown Statesville, NC.  Statesville just updated and improved it's downtown business section with brick sidewalks, benches and outside tables, and actually narrowed the streets in encourage tourists to stroll and visit the local shops in historic buildings. I love it.
My shop would be for local artists and craft masters, but instead of "renting booths" they will offer amazing pieces that I get to approve of first, so the quality will be high.  That's the front of the store.  As you walk to the rear of the store, I will offer local handcrafted, made in America, supplies.  Gumbacher paints, beads, local spun yarn, that sort of thing.  There will be a section where artists can offer classes, or do demonstrations, and I will also have a section for my customers who are hesitant to purchase "expensive" high end unique jewelry.  I've noticed that way too many people are buying junk jewelry with the idea that since they didn't put money into the piece, if it breaks or turns their neck green, just toss it, no big loss.  I want to "re-educate" customers about buying local and supporting small business, and if they purchase a high end piece of jewelry, and want something new, I will "re-sell" their pieces of wearable art.  
Sometimes I get so many ideas running through my head I start talking to myself.

Do you have a business dream?  Get this book, and start down that road.  To get what you need to make yourself happy, you need to gather your courage and take that first step.  What's your dream?

Be blessed,
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