Monday, January 12, 2015

Carrying On Another Family Tradition

As y'all probably know by now, I love tradition.
When my kids were growing up, it was our family tradition to get everyone together to bake our Christmas cookies.  We used an old family recipe, and all my sisters and their kids, rolled, and cut and frosted everything in site.  We would have up to 17 people crowed in someone's house, and chaos usually ensued.  But boy was it fun!

So this year, I guilted asked Amanda to bring over Owen so we could continue the fun.  While there was only was fun.

First it was the boys turn.  While I made the dough, and took the pictures, Amanda was in charge of rolling.  She can be a perfectionist, but she did well letting the boys make a bit of a mess. lol

Ahhhh...two perfectionist sisters working side by side.  You know I stayed out of this one. lol.  And while the girls were working....

...the boys were playing.  Owen would hold Brandon down while PeeWee licked his ear.  Who needs video games when you can have fun like this? haha

Now it's time for the frosting.

No, we don't get fancy with the frosting, mostly because we spent most of the time telling the boys not to eat the frosting. :0)

Time together...that's what we need more traditions.

Share with me some of your family traditions that you try to keep alive.

Be blessed,
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