Monday, January 19, 2015

Homeschool Monday - Socialization and The Civil Air Patrol

Like every other homeschooling parent out there, I hear, a lot, that my child needs to socialize.  
Well, it was the lack of social skills from her peers that caused us to remove her from the public school system and homeschool her in the first place.  I'm sure everyone has a bully store, and probably more than one story.  In order for our child to learn good social skills, we involve her in all sorts of activities with people of all ages.  We have a teen group that gets together fairly often for fun and some community service.  She has a few friends that we make the effort to spend time with (that's how you know someone is really a friend, they make time in their life to see you).  She is involved in our church, and attends our Tuesday Morning prayer meeting (which means she gets to see all her "grandparents" lol).  This past Saturday she volunteered at the homeless shelter with our church, and she helps with the younger children during church.  
And now, she has joined The Civil Air Patrol...and is absolutely loving it!

She has made new friends there, from the ages of 13 all the way to early 20's.  The kids are great, and the parents are all involved.   One thing I have noticed with almost every homeschooled child I have ever met, they all know how to carry on a full and interesting conversations, with other kids, and with adults.  So if anyone asks you about have much more to offer your child then you might think, things they will never learn in a public school setting.

Tell me, how many of you homeschool, or have thought about it?

Be blessed,
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