Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Knows Me By Name

One Word!

That's all it took.

One Word.

And Mary's life was changed....forever.

Mary had gone to the tomb and found it empty.

And I imagine she "lost it".  I would have....

3 days with little to no sleep or food. 

Memories replaying in her mind of THAT day when everything seemed lost.

Now to find that His body also was lost.

Can you imagine that?

The person you loved most died, and you go to the cemetery, and the grave is empty?

How do you respond?

How would YOU respond?

Then she hears a voice.

And talks to that man....not knowing.....

until He says one simple word.


Her name.

And that is all it took, she knew Him, and her heart was healed, and her life reborn.

It's like that for us.  Sometimes we are so busy "looking" for him in our distress, in our crisis, in our chaos, that we don't see him.


Right there.

With us.


For us to turn....

when He calls our name.

Yes, our name.



He know us.


He never left us.

And He never will.

Be blessed,

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